Today and Tomorrow

Poor Kamryn. She’s having a hard time adjusting to life outside of the uterus. The good news is that she shows no signs of having an infected bowel, but she still has air in her belly so she still isn’t given any food (just IV nutrition).  She’s fussy and uncomfortable and it just breaks my heart to see her like that.  I have to commend my doctors, though; they told me Kenley would thrive outside of the womb and that Kamryn would have a harder time. They were exactly right.  So far, all of Kamryn’s issues are normal for preemies and we continue to be assured that she will go home a healthy baby.  Today she also had an ultrasound of her heart to see if a valve had closed. The tech who did it said the test looked normal, but the cardiologist still has to read the test. I did do cuddle care with her for an hour which I was happy to do, not just because I want to hold my babies, but because I know it helped her relax and not burn so many calories fussing.  When we returned at 8pm, Kamryn was fast asleep and didn’t fuss the entire two hours we were there. I was relieved to see her so content.  Also, Kamryn is taking in less oxygen as of today–I’m hoping she’ll be off it completely very soon.

Kenley continues to do well. She is now getting 14CCs of milk every 3 hours and seems to be digesting it well. She amazes everyone, not just with her health, but her willfullness and alertness, too.  I also did cuddle care with her tonight; it was the first time that I’ve held both girls on the same day–what a treat!!  Oh, and she’s progressing, too. Because she’s taking in so much breast milk well and is digesting it, she was taken off the TPN tonight. They’re also going to remove her PICC line, so when we go in tomorrow she won’t have quite so many wires and tubes attached to her.

Today, the doctor assured me that both are fine and doing well. What more could a new mom ask for?   Well, a lot, but still, children who will leave the hospital healthy and in the near future is something to be grateful for.

I can’t wait until tomorrow. It’s my birthday and I plan on spending most of the day in the NICU with the girls. Best birthday present ever.


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  1. Happy Birthday Beautiful Mama! Enjoy your girls.

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