New Looks

Kamryn’s nose cannula was removed during last night’s shift. We can finally see her whole beautiful face!! Here’s a picture of her while Tom did Cuddle Care with her:



He’s been kind enough to let me hog the girls, but today asked if he could have some time with them.  Kamryn seemed very content with him and I got some great pictures of her sweet face.

She continues to improve with her digestion. She started a very easy to digest formula yesterday and is getting 10CCs every 3 hours. They’ll evaluate tomorrow and decide whether to increase the amount. Also, her weight is now 1309 grams (2lbs, 14.2oz)–lower than it was two days before, but higher than it was a week ago.

Kenley is still the wonder of the NICU.  She’s getting 17CCs of breast milk and they are going to add some enrichment to it to increase her caloric intake. (Breast milk has 20 calories per ounce, they can enrich it up to 30 calories an ounce).  For now she will get an extra 2 calories per ounce during two of her feedings each day. They want to introduce it slowly so that it doesn’t overwhelm her tiny little digestive system. She weighed in tonight at 855 grams (1lb, 14.2oz). Here she is in her new micro preemie sized outfit:





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2 responses to “New Looks

  1. Meg

    Great pictures! Glad to hear they’re doing better every day.

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