Good news

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have only good news to report about my girls. Kamryn topped 3 pounds the night before last and Kenley hit 2 pounds exactly last night!!  I also love watching the doctors walk away from Kenley after an examination and tell me how wonderful she is doing. They shake their heads and say with a smile, “She is so tiny, but she is strong.”  And they always tell me Kamryn is progressing well, too. And it’s true–Kamryn is getting about 20CCs of Elecare and seems to be digesting it well.  Kenley is still getting 16CCs of breast milk, but it’s being fortified up to 24 calories today.

As for me, I was cleared to drive back and forth to the hospital. Yesterday was my first day to drive there all by myself and I just loved being able to do it. My incision is healing and my swelling is limited to my ankles. I graduated from flip flops to Crocs a few days ago–I’m looking forward to fit back into my regular shoes soon!  The doctor told me to keep taking it easy, to get get lots of rest, to keep off my feet as much as possible and not lift anything heavy.  Oh, and that at my next appointment in 4 weeks we will have to talk about birth control.  I think the chances of my getting pregnant are next to nil (remember IVF??), but the thought of an accidental pregnancy freaks me out.

I’m feeling a lot better emotionally, too.  The pregnancy is becoming a part of the past. Traumatic though it was, it is turning out to have a good ending. The girls are getting strong and healthy, and I’m healing, so it’s a lot easier to feel hopeful and optimistic about the future. We have a beautiful house to move into in a couple of weeks and the girls will come home soon, so there is a lot to look forward to.  It also helps that I’m more mobile and am more self-reliant again. I’m not stuck inside, in a bed or on a couch, I’m not nauseous, or in serious discomfort. I’m feeling more like myself again, but now with two beautiful little girls.







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2 responses to “Good news

  1. Adorable pictures!!! Love the updates, and so glad to hear that you are also recovering so quickly. Whoohoo!

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