Babies suck!

I walked into the NICU today and was told that both girls had their first bottle feedings this morning! Then the nurse gave me these:


The bottle on the left reads:  “11:30 am   7-16-2009

I took my first bottle today and did very well. I ate it all in 20 minutes.  I love you Mommie and Daddy.  ~Kamryn”

Kamryn was a rock star with her first bottle feeding–she had no problem coordinating sucking, swallowing and breathing. She will get to try it again tonight and I’m excited that I will get to give her the bottle.  Also, the doctor is going to try giving her breast milk while slowly taking her off the Elecare. Let’s hope it works!

And the bottle on the right reads:  “12:00 pm  7-16-2009

Today I tried to nipple my first bottle. I ate a few MLs. My doctor wants me to try everyday, so I look forward to the next. I love you Mommie and Daddy. ~Kenley”

Kenley did not take to the bottle like her sister. It seemed to stress her out, though she did take a little bit of milk.  The doctor wants her to keep practicing, though, so she will try again tomorrow.

If I was still pregnant, the babies would be exactly 34 weeks today. Instead, they’re nearly 3 weeks old and before long, they’ll be sucking with the best of them!



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5 responses to “Babies suck!

  1. How sweet are the messages on those bottles?

    A very long time ago, you went on a trip and you mailed me a message in a bottle. I think you went to San Diego.

  2. I remember the trip to San Diego but don’t remember sending you a message in the bottle. I wish I kept a journal then so that I could recall things like that.

  3. Lesley

    How sweet to leave those notes for you! Made me tear. Kamryn and Kenley are getting great care. Go bottles!

  4. Rob

    I’m so glad things are progressing well. I can’t wait until you can take them home.

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