Inspired by my friend who does a weekly blog called Fragmented Fridays, I’m going to update you with fragments, rather than try to create a coherent chronology of everything that’s been going on. In no particular order:

  • The ten days between when Kamryn and Kenley came home (8/13-8/23) were some of the most hectic days ever. Having Kamryn at home was wonderful but I still spent many hours at the NICU with Kenley.
  • Tom went back to school and came down with a nasty cold almost immediately.  Both the girls caught it, but luckily it was very mild for them. No fevers to deal with, thankfully!
  • Both girls got their 2 month vaccinations and seemed handle them just fine.
  • We’re still settling into our new house. Lots of boxes still to unpack in the house and the garage.  There were some plumbing troubles (that resulted in one huge mess and one smaller mess), but our awesome landlords had the house repiped last week.  This is the first weekend since both girls have been home that we haven’t had to deal with either a household crisis or illness.
  • Toady was the first day we cooked a meal in our new kitchen–scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and toast!
  • Having twins is a huge challenge and a lot of work. They eat about every 3 hours and it takes about 45-60 minutes to get them both fed and changed. At night they can go about 3.5 to 4 hours, so that’s when am able to get a little bit of sleep. I usually nap for a few hours when my mom is here to help and/or when Tom comes home from work. On the weekends, Tom takes over the night shift so I’m able to get more sleep.
  • Kenley is finally outgrowing her Preemie sized clothes and diapers. At the doctor’s visit on Friday she weighed 5 lbs, 5.4 oz. That was a gain of about 1.5 oz per day since her last visit the Thursday before!  So the doctor lowered her caloric intake from 30 calories per ounce to 24 calories per ounce. I’m a little nervous about this, but she’ll be monitored to make sure she’s still gaining.
  • Kamryn is doing very well, too,  She weighed 6 lbs, 6 oz as of 9/10, so I bet she’s close to or over 7 lbs now!
  • I joined a twin mom group and twice a year they host a clothing exchange, the last one was 9/8. Everyone brings in their baby clothes, volunteers sort them into age groups, and then everyone just takes what they want. I brought in a few preemie things and left with two shopping bags filled with clothes for them.  I won’t have to worry about buying any clothes for them for the next few years with the help of this exchange.
  • I started using cloth diapers this weekend. I’m trying a sampler pack through this great store/website, Jillian’s Drawers. They have a program where you try out a bunch of different styles of cloth diapers for 3 weeks and then you return them for a full refund, minus $10. Right now I’m leaning towards the Thirsties All-In-Ones, but I’m not sure yet. I still have to try the old-fashioned pre-folds and use them all a few more times before I make my final decision.  But with the major blowouts the girls have had this weekend using disposables (and not while in cloth diapers), I’m definitely ready to make the change.  Also, the cost of cloth is so much cheaper in the long run.  One year of disposables for twins will run us about $1800 (!!!), while the most expensive option for cloth for the entire time they will wear diapers is about $1200. A huge savings.
  • I’ve become a big fan of You should consider joining them in your area if you have kids.
  • I’m so grateful to the people who have brought us meals during the last few weeks: Mom, Gram and Gramps, Dad and Lizz Andy, and Adana. And most especially my sister who has made us the most delicious lasagna and lentil soup. Thank you everyone!!!
  • Oatie is settling in to the new house and family members as best she can. She doesn’t like the hardwood floors–it’s hard to explain to her that we’ll get rugs eventually. She’s mildly interested in the girls, and way more interested in what’s in their bottles. I actually caught her grabbing a used bib off the couch so she could lick it. Yuck.
  • Curtains.  My next big household goal is to hang curtain rods and curtains. Wish me time and luck!
  • Both girls are so amazing to me still.  I wonder when it will finally seem normal to me to have two healthy babies. It’s still a wonder to me. They’re both very sweet and very good and I’m lucky to have them both.
  • Keep checking my Facebook page for new picture of the girls. That is where I will post all the pictures (and videos, too).


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5 responses to “Fragments

  1. Amy Szuchmacher Blum

    We cloth diaper, and agree that 1) we saved a fortune (even using disposables at daycare) and 2) we had fewer blow outs and no up the backs in cloth. We’ve used prefolds with snappis all along (the same ones since Feb 2006). We had to double diaper for night time for a year or so. Our major expense has been diaper covers–with prefolds, the covers are way more than the diapers.

  2. Meg

    Glad to hear the girls (and you guys) are doing well. Love clothing exchanges, kids’ clothing is ridiculously priced considering how long they actually stay in one size! Shoes are the worst. I have received/given away SO many shoes because of the rapid and unpredictable growth rate of children’s feet.

  3. This “fragments” is a good idea. Another friend of mine with new-ish twins relies heavily on twitter because she can post small updates from her phone one-handed!

  4. I’m so happy the girls are both getting bigger and stronger. I think of you all often and always send you positive thoughts. Take advantage of the free clothes. We’ve been blessed to get so many free clothes and it really is so helpful.

  5. Sally Hunter

    Heidi, your birth announcement arrived today, and I will treasure that picture–what a couple of healthy-looking, beautiful jellybeans you have! I think of you so often, and hope you’re managing the craziness okay–sounds like you’re doing pretty well. . . .and it’s going to get nothing but better. Sleep when you can!

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