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Week 2/Day 1

Yay for me, I just completed day 1/week 2 of C25k!!

Why am I so happy when I should have written this post a week ago? Well, that’s precisely the point. Last week my knee hurt so much while both jogging and walking that I had to limp home. I don’t know what was wrong with it, but I thought my renewed attempt at jogging was permanently over. I was pretty bummed about it, too. So, while I did a few days of walking during the week, I primarily took it easy. I decided to try again today and, lo and behold, I felt no pain at all!!!


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Lots of little things…

I finished doing two weeks of doing week 1 of the Couch to 5k plan. Looking forward to starting week 2 tomorrow.

I’m halfway through phase 1 of South Beach and find myself craving sweet potatoes. I’m really psyched that I’m craving a sweet potato and not something bad for me. I’ve had time to do lots of cooking, so I’ve been channeling energy into food prep, which has been fun. And I’m still in love with the new dishwasher which makes the whole endeavor much more enjoyable.

Oatmeal got groomed–her ears are so puffy she looks like Dumbo. Sorry, I don’t have any pix to show because she’s not being very cooperative. Update: While writing the rest of my blog I was able to snap this very candid shot of Oatmeal. Too bad you can’t see her tail because it looks like a fluffy bristle brush.

Actually, it just occurred to me that, proportionally, her ears look a lot like Lenana‘s ears. Yet another thing they have in common. 😉

I’m also doing a lot of chores around the house: cleaning out my closet, going at the bathroom with a toothbrush, attempting to clean the upholstery of my car, plus everyday cleaning. Is it that I’m avoiding working on my dissertation or trying to attend to some things that have been sorely neglected for a long time? A little bit of both. It seems that people (most especially my advisor, thankfully!) expect you to take a bit of an extended break after your exams, so that’s what I’m doing. 🙂

We’re also thinking of getting another dog. How could we subject Oatie to such trauma, you might ask. Well, if we do this, we are determined to find a dog that is not aggressive with her. In other words, we’ll probably get another timid puppy mill dog from a rescue group. We’re in touch with the rescue organization that has three dogs we’re interested in: Blake, Cameron and possibly Boomer. As you can tell by the photos, we’re looking for a dog that’s smaller than Oatmeal and that has a sweet disposition. When Oatie was rescued she was one of a pair, in fact we were originally interested in her companion. So, we think under the right circumstances–if we find the right dog and let them warm up to one another–that this might actually be a good thing for her. And yes, if you’re wondering, one of the reasons to get another dog is to have another little being around for me to focus attention on while we’re trying to have a baby. I’m about to be off for the whole summer (well, at least I’ll be working from home and won’t have to commute) so it seems like a good time to get a new dog acclimated to our environment. I’d love to hear your comments about this idea…


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Today T. and I renew our commitment to a healthy lifestyle by following the plan laid out in South Beach Supercharged. What I like about Supercharged is that it includes an exercise plan, while the original South Beach did not. It’s been hard to get T. to commit to any exercise besides walking, but because Supercharged includes walking and resistance training he’s ready to give it a try. Go T!!

The exercise plan unfolds in three phases which correlate with the three phases of the diet. The exercise plan is based on interval training and can be done with basically any cardio exercise; we’ll walk. And the days that we don’t do interval training, we do a series of exercises that are designed to build strength in the core.

I’m going to continue doing the Couch to 5k program because the phase 1 exercise program of Supercharged is not too rigorous. However, I’m going to start week 1 again, for a couple of reasons. First, over the weekend I was supposed to do day 3 of week 1, but T. and I were staying at my mom’s to make her house look lived in, but I forgot my jogging shoes, jog bra, visor, etc… (However, I did remember to bring my iPod Shuffle!) so I couldn’t run. Second, because I’m doing the Supercharged program too it seems smart not to push myself too hard–I’m not in a hurry to get injured. So today, for example, I did day 1/week 1 of C25k this morning and will do day 1/phase 1 of Supercharged tonight. Total time for the day won’t even be an hour, so I don’t think I’m being excessive.

Foodwise, it’s clear that we need to do the full two weeks of phase 1 (no grains, no fruit, etc…, only healthy carbs in legumes and veggies plus lowfat meats and dairy) in order to curb our cravings. We’re following the sample menu laid out in the book pretty closely, so yesterday I spent a good chunk of time making food. Luckily we have our fabulous dishwasher to help make the process much more enjoyable!!

Finally, we had a nice time relaxing at Mom and Mike’s. T. had his priorities straight and made sure he packed the big bottle of bubbles.

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Couch-to-5k, Redux

I’ve been having a lot of trouble returning to healthy eating and exercising. I lost all motivation and ability to stay on track while studying for exams. I gained back all of my weight and am really embarrassed about it. I’m hoping that this semi-public pronouncement will help me get back on track.

Today I began week 1, workout 1 of the Couch-to-5k program. Last summer I successfully completed the program, but soon after I ended up with terrible shin splints which made it extremely painful just to walk. So I stopped. So how is this time going to be any different than last time? Well, last time I only stretched upon finishing the workout, now I’m going to stretch as soon as I’ve warmed up with walking. I’m also going to take longer to finish the program—last time, I think that I jogged too much too soon and although my heart could handle it, I hadn’t built up enough strength. Finally, I’m going to buy an aqua jogger kit, so that I can jog in the pool if I feel like I’m starting to get an injury.

Today’s workout went better than expected. I wasn’t gasping for air and I did the entire set. Also different this time is that I have a heart rate monitor, so I was able to keep track and not push myself too hard. I felt really good afterwards, and it just reminds me (though why I need so many reminders is beyond me) that exercise is imperative to my mental health, especially now that I’m off my meds while trying to get pregnant.

Yay for me!


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